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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Living up to its reputation as the country’s leading company in the theme park industry, Zoomanity Group has developed one of the most awaited attractions in Metro Manila, located at 3rd Floor, Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. in Paranaque, YUP Galleriez is established to be the first museum to display the most unique and iconic musical instruments alongside the presentation of life-size wax figures and the collection of timeless artworks through tours, exhibitions, educational programs and special events.

YUP Muzic and Artz is divided into YUP Muzic, acting as a Yupangco Mega Store, is the classic compendium of the most famous brands in the music industry, offering unique and state of the art musical instruments first seen in the country including a keyboard powered by voice command. YUP Artz on the other hand is a premium exhibit of masterpiece renditions of the world’s most loved paintings in the world, all for the purpose of information and education. The museum also has a digital space for artworks showcased through video mapping. For only P199 per person, guests will be able to tour the gallery of Muzic and Artz including a one-hour lesson of their choice, whether in music or arts.

Soon to open is YUP Food by UnliZity, an unlimited food hub located at the 5th floor of Ayala Malls Manila Bay which offers a wide variety of Asian cuisine namely Jinsei Sushi Bar for Japanese, Samgyupsalamat for Korean, Dimzoom for Chinese, and YUP Café, a hip and chic coffee shop located just outside the museum.

YUP Galleriez consists of three museums namely YUP Muzic and Artz,YUP Food, and YUP Wax. The gallery will be the first in the country to introduce a moving hologram of famous people and an interactive robot named “YUPPIE”. Soon to open is YUP Wax, the first and only wax museum in the Philippines to feature almost a hundred life-size local and international icons.

So hop on to the bandwagon and just say YUP!

Like Yup Galleries’ official facebook fan page at For more information, please call: 899-9824/ 847-0413 or email:

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