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Wake up with a fresh air breeze with Dr. Zens Purifirst Air Purifier

Do you have a problem of getting rid off the viruses and bacteria in the air you breathe at your workplace or home. Better have your own Dr. Zens Purifirst Air Purifier, it keep you safe and keep your air-fresh always because it is a medical grade air purifier.

Other benefits when you use Dr. Zens Purifirst Air Purifier:

  • Kills bacteria and viruses that cause diseases.

  • Has highly efficient seven air purifier filters purposely to filter and resolve.

  • Filter out even the tiniest particles such as molds, dust, and allergens up to 99.99% purification rate with an outstanding High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter.

  • Operates with advanced odour system that quickly reads the air environmental differences.

  • User-friendly control panels and uses a light-color indicator, making air cleaning extra effortless.

Let us remember that It is important to maintain proper ventilation for inside the air-conditioned offices and clinics to prevent spread any air-borne diseases.

So wake up with fresh air all the time and enjoy having a safe cleaner air for the whole family.

Good news! For limited time get 15% OFF discount when you buy now.

For inquiries please contact us thru email or message us on Facebook Ganda Negosyo | Facebook

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