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MAFBEX: Showcasing International Opportunities for the Food and Beverage Industry

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Food connects different cultures. From the west to east, the existence of different fusion food

allows people to explore food from other countries, allowing them to explore new flavors and

cooking techniques.

This year, MAFBEX will let you explore different countries, from Korea to Poland, to not just

taste their unique cuisine but to also connect and find international opportunities for your


Manila Foods and Beverages Expo or MAFBEX is the country’s biggest food and beverage

trade show. Connecting business owners to consumers and to local and foreign business

owners. This year will be the 17th year since its start, with the theme being “Fully-Loaded

Flavors”. This event will showcase some of the industry’s best food and beverage companies

and are varied between 5 different countries. Some of the country’s top chefs will also make an

appearance to show off their tips on how to make gourmet food for everyone.

MAFBEX’s business matching will let you explore solutions to your business needs. You will be

able to meet local and international stakeholders and suppliers in the F&B industry that are

aligned with your business needs that will help in growing your food businesses.

This event presents a solution to different businesses that are not just looking to expand locally

but to also see international opportunities in the F&B industry. With suppliers and businesses

from Vietnam, China, Korea, India, and Poland, you will be able to connect with more

stakeholders at a global scale.

The 17th edition of the Manila Food and Beverage Expo is taking place from June 14 to 18,

2023 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila. It will feature many activities such as business

matching, Chefs of the World, and many cooking competitions.

Register now at and don’t miss the premier food and beverages tradeshow in the country.

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