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The 36th Negros Trade Fair lets you experience Negrense culture and heritage at Glorietta Makati

This year, we get to reconnect with them first-hand as we bring back the 36th Negros Trade Fair to the Glorietta Activity Center, Makati City where entrance is free. The event runs from September 20-25, 2022.

On September 20, the first day of the event, it was the VIP's day where Governor of Negros Occidental Eugenio Jose Lacson, Negros Season of Culture Creative Director Alan Gensoli, and Mayor of Bago City Nicholas Yulo were one of the VIP guests attended the first day of the event. Instead of the common ribbon cutting, the Negrense have different way of opening a ceremony where they called it "Arima" in Hiligaynon, the symbolic Ringing of the Bell that led by the Negros Occidental officials headed by Gov. Bong Lacson and Vice Gov. Jeffrey Ferrer.

Year after year, the Association of Negros Producers (ANP) and the provincial government of Negros Occidental organizes a trade fair to showcase a selection of products created with skilled craftsmanship and renowned Negrense heritage.

Negros Trade Fair, the country’s longest running provincial trade fair held in Manila.

Experience Negrense culture and heritage by visiting the exhibitor booths. They are excited to showcase their crafts and creations as they bring the Negrense spirit to the 36th Negros Trade Fair! With this year's theme, 'Hidlaw', get to reconnect with people, places, and experiences we've all missed.

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Buy Local, Go Lokal. Abanse Negrese!

Save the dates this September 20 to 25. See you there!

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