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Thailand Lab International and Philippines Strengthens Network thru "Thailand Lab Connect"

27 June 2019, Manila, Philippines

VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, the organizer of Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL, has launched an international roadshow to promote its laboratory event “Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2019” as a platform for sharing industry knowledge and to introduce new technology and innovations on analytical laboratory, life sciences & biotechnology and medical laboratory for the market. “Thailand LAB CONNECT: PHILIPPINES” will be held on 27 June 2019 at Century Park hotel, Manila, Philippines. With the support of Philippines Association of Medical Technologist, Inc. (PAMET),participants will receive insightful information as the President of PAMET will share his feelings about the future of Medical technology and the 10 key challenges to develop the Philippines market in the near future. Also, Mr. Anucha Parnpichate, Head of Science & Technology Unit, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific, will provide information about how Filipino investors can increase business opportunities in the Asia market through the “Exhibition Channel”. “Thailand LAB CONNECT: Philippines” has been conducted in many countries in recent years. More than 30 invited guests including members of the press, lab personnel and medical companies, associations, technicians, professors from universities, hospital and some government agency representatives will attend this event. Mr.Heiko M. Stutzinger, the Managing Director of VNU Exhibition Asia Pacific will give his opening remarks and welcome speech.

Philippines Laboratory and medical market trends in 2019

Mr. Ronaldo E. Puno, President of Philippines Association of Medical Technologist, Inc. (PAMET), the main speaker at our forum, presents about the medical technology of the 21st Century. He will focus on specialized and more innovative testing, complicated and open-ended work problems, high completion in the market, the globalized work-place and cross cultural customers, team-work towards more ambitious goals and its vital role in healthcare and the healthcare system.

“In the years ahead, the medical community will require greater numbers of better trained medical technologists to meet emerging challenges in health care: better trained med-techs for new and special tests in the lab. Moreover, a balance has to be found between the use of innovative technology and laboratory automation and actual staff. More detailed testing requires more sophisticated training and background. With new diseases emerging that require new techniques in diagnosis and treatment, and with old diseases resurfacing, we have to update the capability of our staff and equipment for these eventualities.” Mr. Ronaldo E. Puno said.

As an industry professional, Mr. Ronaldo also identified 10 key challenges to develop the LAB and Medical industry as follows:

Challenge #1: Education is the key, including technology, marketing and entrepreneurial knowledge.

Challenge #2: Continuing Professional Development/ Specialization and Career Progression: a certification in a chosen field of interest (specialization) and/or a post-graduate program.

Challenge #3: The Patient of the Future: Patients have access to increasing volumes of information about health issues via the Internet and other sources.

Challenge #4:Increasing Demand for Medical Technologists: a greater number of medical technologists is required to aid in the achievement of better health care through diversification and specialization.

Challenge #5: New Technology and Automation: Machines do not run by themselves; it takes an experienced and well-trained medical technologist to troubleshoot and to ensure that the results reported are accurate and relevant

Challenge #6 Point-of-Care (POC) Technologies: Investing in mobile labs, portable or miniaturized biosensors, smart phone technology is the way…

Challenge #7: Demographic Developments and the Development of Illness

Challenge #8 Clinical Laboratory Infrastructure and Workforce

Challenge #8: Management and Medical Expertise in Medical Laboratories

Challenge #9: Quality Laboratory Services: Quality is crucial in order to ensure that patients get the best.

Challenge #10: Bioethics focuses on moral decisions of right or wrong…it aims to preserve patients’ rights and the rights of staff as well. This standard of moral reasoning should be articulated in your lab policies and standards.

Mr. Ronaldo E. Puno stated that “the future trends of Medical and Lab markets involve new core competencies, more integrated data, computerized Physician Order Entry, education in Genomics and Genomic Medicine, Molecular Diagnostics, Robotics, Telepathology, Proteonomics, Expanding New Markets for Near-patient Testing and Supra-regional Laboratory Networks.”

How do Filipino investors expand business opportunities in the Asia market?

Mr.Anucha Parnpichate, Head of Science & Technology Unit, VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific said that “VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd is the leading platform for the laboratory industry in ASEAN in recent years, providing an industry networking platform through exhibitions, conferences and business matching activities. Almost 10,000 industry professionals will gather at this event. As our vision is to expand and stimulate the LAB technology industry in the Asia region, and the Philippines is one of our focus countries for this year. From research, the Philippines medical equipment market remains a lucrative one for U.S. suppliers. Highly dependent on imports, the market continues to expand at a steady pace. Medical equipment is almost 100% imported, as are approximately 50% of medical disposables. Local production is limited to prototype units, spare parts (including improvised parts), and disposables such as surgical gloves, syringes, and needles.”

Mr. Anucha continued“the health-care system in the Philippines is concerned about the global standards in hospitals and the other medical centers in the country. So, I would like to introduce ‘Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2019 which is the annual trade exhibition and conference on analytical laboratory equipment & technology, biotechnology & life sciences and chemical & safety equipment. For the 9th edition, we have launched a new area called “Bio Investment Asia” which focuses on healthcare and wellness as well as life science trends and quality in medical laboratory. Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL and Bio Investment Asia will be held from 25-27 September 2019 at EH 102-104, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. We are sure that you will find the latest laboratory and medical technology from over 250+ global brands around the world under one roof. A variety of conferences and seminars for both industrial labs and research labs in all industries will be conducted. Also, the update on ISO/IEC 17025 for laboratory standards and food safety will be one of the important issues during the three days of the exhibition.

For those who are interested to visit ‘Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2019’, please complete pre-registration at using this invitation code VMB30021 to get a FREE entry ticket and a chance to win prizes.

For more information, please visit or Tel. +662 6700900

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