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Summer's Hottest Sports Event this 2019

Philippine Beach Games is an annual summer sporting event held in the country’s most pristine beaches. Professional and amateur athletes from all over the world will compete in some of the fastest growing beach sports to raise awareness and excitement to alternative sports where Filipinos are more competitive.

Get ready for the summer's hottest sports event and witness some of the best beach sports athletes in the world at the Philippine Beach Games. #PBG #PhilippineBeachGames

May 24-26, 2019 Lingayen Beach, Pangasinan.


  • Beach Volleyball

  • Beach Football

  • Beach Flag Football

  • Beach Run

  • Beach Fatbike Race

  • Beach Ultimate

  • Beach Handball

  • Beach Pentaque

  • Beach Touch Rugby

  • Beach Dodgeball

For athletes who want to sign-up and compete, to know more.

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