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Smart Asset Managers unveils MAP and SAMKoin to its Subscribers to earn multi-stream income

Everyone is very optimistic about 2021 as this is the year the nations are rolling out vaccines and the economies are starting to recover. Lots of businesses collapsed but one business has managed to flourish and to prosper due to its unique business concept and that business is SAM.

Smart Assets Managers (SAM) started this year with the plan to roll out two of their biggest plans such as the selling and listing of SAMKoin in the global exchanger and the integration and offering of the Members Acceleration Program (MAP) in the SAM App.

MAP will be launch on the 2nd stage of Phase 1 of SAM and also after the listing of SAMKoin in the global exchanger. MAP will be better as there will be bigger rewards for the subscribers and also more ways in earning more free money.

SAM MAP Privileges

  • Visa Debit Card

  • Wholesale Credit Line Financing thru our approved third party finance facility provider

  • Interest-free option to Wholesale Credit Line Financing Facility

  • Instant exchange of rewards redeemed thru SAM Wallet Direct Flat

  • Flexible Payment Terms on short-term credit line facility

In the current set-up of SAM, you can only earn through subscribing to earn daily rewards and also referring to earn referral chain rewards. While in MAP, you can earn through seven ways.

The seven ways are direct referral bonus, auto matrix group bonus, power of 10 bonus, platinum bonus, titanium bonus, daily reward, and Phase 1 Bonus. Everyone can earn through these seven ways except the Phase 1 Bonus which is only exclusive to those Phase 1 subscribers. You just need to pick a MAP package and purchase to earn these amazing rewards and you can earn up to 200%.

The SAMKoins officially open for private pre-order starting this February 8, 2021 and enjoy the additional 30% for the active subscriber available for 20 days and after that becomes additional 20% exclusive for all SAM Subscribers.

SAM Koins use case

  1. buy for SAMPD Subscription

  2. buy for MAP

  3. Trading on global Exchanger

  4. Hodl

  5. Redeemable Point convert to SAM koin

  6. Cash out or Sell / Visa Card Transfer

  7. Shopping

  8. Merchant payment

  9. Utility payment

  10. Community utilization

For more information about SAMKoin please visit and if you want to know more about MAP then visit

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