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She bangs! sHeBrews where coffee beans roasted to perfection for bolder flavor and aroma

Keep calm and take a sip of coffee. For many coffee lover drinkers, just sipping from their favorite cup of coffee gives them a relaxing feeling in the middle of stress because of Pandemic still arounds us at this time.

Now sHeBrews offers special coffee blends that all coffee drinkers will surely loves to add to one of your favorite coffee brands.

sHeBrews Coffee Enterprise is definitely one of Cavite's pride that supports local farming and agriculture. Filipinos can now experience premium quality coffee beans straight from the Coffee Capital of the Philippines—Amadeo, Cavite.

They have different blend for different taste and style for coffee drinkers

Here are the coffee blends they have:

Maldita Blend - Arabica, excelsa and robusta combined with deep, bold and strong coffee notes. With an exceptional taste profile. (Best Seller so far!)

Balay Amadeo Blend - Arabica and robusta beans combined. Well balanced, complex, deep, sweet and creamy. (Our personal preference!)

Black Jack (aka Robusta) - Mostly used in Italian espresso or deep flavor an good crema. More bitter and earthy with a woody taste.

Barako (Excelsa) - has a unique taste profile, somewhat mysterious; it has a flavor of both light roast and dark roast coffee - feels like tart, fruity, and somehow dark.

Arabica - Matutum Arabica coffee has flavor notes of cocoa, nuts, and citrus! Has a delicate flavor and sweet aroma. Aromatic and have less caffeine content. So there you have it! If you became curious about our coffee blends, don't worry because you can buy one online here. So you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

Thank you sHeBrews for being one of our sponsors of #AVPBloggersParty

For your orders send us a message and we will deliver it right at your doorstep or you can order on the list below:

Follow us on Facebook Page SHeBrews Coffee Ph or Instagram: @shebrewscoffeeph

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