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Memoirs of a Millenial Law Student by Mic Villamayor - inspirational book for students reach goals

To be honest, I am not fond of reading a book. Giving a shot to this one, I read this book titled "Memoirs of a Millenial Law Student". As I started reading it, I suddenly remembered my college days way back then. My struggles and trials as a student but thankfully with Almighty God's help, I happened to finished my Bachelors Degree in spite of obstacles along the way. The college course I took was B.S Psychology that time and one could continue to study Pre-law Courses if you want to be a lawyer later on. Who knows, if time allows I may able to continue my studies again in the future to pursue law hopefully.

Thank you Mic Villamayor for writing this book as our guide to know what to expect as a law student.

The life of Mic Villamayor, author of the book "Memoirs of a Millenial Law Student" will make you feel the situation of giving up, hence at the end of the day you will still pursue your studies or goal to graduate and pass the board exam with easiness.

We all know at this point in time, we were still experiencing Pandemic in our country. By reading this book the students will find an inspiration to continue your studies in spite of many challenges you are facing right now.

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