Kooha: A new photo-sharing mobile application that is ‘societally-relevant’

A picture tells a story. Photos shared with our family, friends, and colleagues serves as an evidence of moments that we want to preserve as memories. But what if we can make our photos more than just precious moments? Something that can be part of innovation?

The DOST –Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) recently introduce its newly developed photo sharing application called Kooha, which was coined from the Filipino word “kuha” which means to take or capture. This app enables real-time participatory photo and sensor data collection using mobile devices. These data are then used to draw out insights and generate new knowledge and technologies that can be used across sectors.

How does it work?

There are four simple steps on how you can use the Kooha application. First is Capture, where the application sense data as you take a photo. Second is Enhance, blend data to your photo where sensor data will be embedded in the exit header of the photograph. Photo can be blended and fused in with data for better display using available templates. Third is Share, publish your photo to other users through the Kooha Community wherein they can view and react on your photo. Fourth is Explore, see photos captured by other users from different locations in the world.

To further understand the data collected from images the users capture, these are the location, temperature, sound, network signal, humidity, and luminance to name a few. These data can also be seen by other users in the community. These kinds of data are very useful for our data scientists, researchers, and citizen scientists in generating insights and making decisions relevant to the society.