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Kapihan sa Annabel's

The plight of farmers in the country take center stage today at the Kapihan sa Annabel’s (January 28, 2020) moderated by journalist Wilson Lee Flores.

Rice Farmers have been complaining of losses arising from the disastrous drop in palay prices as a result of the implementation of Rice Tarification Act with the prices hitting rock bottom at P12 per kilo as against the mandated price of P17 of the National Food Authority.

The Rice Tariffication Act, which was meant to alleviate the plight of farmers, have been blamed for the drastic decline in play prices during the last harvest season as cheap rice prices flooded the country.

Farmers were caught unaware by the surge in rice supply brought about by the opening of rice imports as the necessary mechanism that was supposed to be put in place was nowhere to be found.

For instance, the NFA was not able to buy palay prices at the mandated prices as farmers were left to the tender mercies of palay traders who bought at much lower prices than those set by the NFA.

In the forum, Joey Conception, presidential adviser for Entrepreneurship and Go Negosyo founder, Department of Agriculture Undersecretary for Operations Ariel Cayanan, Sonny Ordonez Chairman of Alyansa Agrikultura and PCAFI member, and Dr. Henry Lim bon Liong, Chairman and CEO of top hybrid rice producer SL Agritech, are expected to discuss the looming crisis that has hit the agriculture sector, especially the rice farmers.

The forum would also tackle the measures that are being put in place to help the farmers caught in the crossfire of low palay prices and big volumes of rice imports. The forum guests are expected to give new insight on the problem besetting the rice farmers and draw solutions for their benefit.

Today, they are calling the fellow Filipino consumers to let us buy Philippine product first. The money we spend buying local rice will flow back to our economy while patronizing imported items will shift the economic gain to the exporting countries. Let us show our nationalism by supporting Filipinio farmers.

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