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JustPerform is a cloud-native intelligent and unified platform to simplify business user EPM needs

Last September 20, 2022 (Tuesday) - JustPerform Presscon held at Shangri-La The Fort, Taguig City. Present in the said event were JustPerform founders, Chief Innovation Officer Kranthi Kumar and Chief Growth Officer Shameek Bhushan. There were selected media and guests also present in the venue. In the forum, Mr. Kumar and Mr. Bhushan together with Ms. Gina Go (Country Sales Director, Philippines) briefly discussed about JustPerform then afterwards Q&A with the media.

JustPerform launched here in the Philippines because Mr. Bhushan believed that the country needs support in covid recovery. "We provide simplicity to the people. Our software is simple" said by Mr. Bhushan.

Based in Singapore, JustPerform is a rapidly growing, cloud-native unified platform allowing enterprises to plan, analyse, consolidate, and report.

JustPerform's unique process-first approach empowers business users to transform planning and financial close cycles and deliver real agility.

With over $90 billion worth of budgeting and $35 billion in consolidated financial statements generated, JustPerform has a global presence, helping large MNCs succeed in their Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) endeavours.

Why JustPerform over other solutions?

  • Unified Platform A single platform for all your EPM needs eliminating complexities involved in multi-solution landscape.

  • Process Flow Streamline all your EPM processes with first of its kind guided process flows.

  • Scalability Seamlessly scale with robust versioning & scenario management capabilities and an ability to define single formula for single output

  • Performance Perform with speed and agility irrespective of the complexity of formulas and size of models

  • User Adoption Fasten user adoption and save resources with a familiar user interface and intuitive user experience.

  • Transparency Clear transparency in server, space and data limitations with no sudden surprises and restrictions in future.

  • Governance Easy tracking and auditability with enterprise wide fine-grain authorizations segregating each department’s duties and activities.

  • Simulation Simulate at greater depth & detail with no restrictions and compromise on your requirements.

  • Open Platform Combine your Performance Management with data & BI initiatives with JustPerform, unlike other solutions.

  • Total Cost of Ownership Enjoy over 30% lower TCO compared to other solutions while experiencing greater performance.

JustPerform, the all-in-one platform for business performance management, has received six awards from highly-regarded industry analyst group BPM Partners in their annual Pulse of Performance Management Event, paying testimony to the company’s growing reputation and position as a serious alternative to large incumbent vendors.

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About JustPerform

JustPerform is a cloud-native intelligent and unified platform for enterprises to plan, consolidate, report, and analyse.

It empowers business users, transforms processes, and develops agility through simplified Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

With its three foundational pillars of Business Process Focus, Intuitive user experience and

Governance, it brings speed, scalability and auditability to EPM initiatives.

JustPerform is headquartered in Singapore with wholly-owned subsidiaries in California and India.

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