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JCI Makati Reaches Out To Youths Today Thru Pinc Positive Impact on Nation Change Congress 2019

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

JCI Makati Club launched its PINC Congress 2019 and presented this November 6, 2019 at Session Hall, Pasay City Hall.

The members of JCI Makati headed by President Joey Garcia, EVP Lawrence Li Tan, and PP Pocholo Gonzales together with Pasay City Government Officials led by Mayor Emi Calixto, Coun. Joey Calixto Isidro have joint venture into this project for the youth.

Junior Chamber International (JCI) serves as a venue of young entrepreneurs to make global movements towards social and economic development that could empower young people to create dynamic and positive change towards to our society. In celebration the Youth Empowerment, JCI Makati will host POSITIVE IMPACT ON NATION CHANGE (P. I. N. C.), a youth congress that aspires the youth to be the catalyst of change. The Congress will run from November 12-19, 2019 involving different CSR activities that will help improve the lives of our countrymen. This will be concluded with a youth convention that will be held at the Cuneta Astrodome which will be attended by almost 5,000 students.

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