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JCI Makati Officially Announced Its 2021 President

The award winning young entrepreneur with a back to back awards under Asia Leaders Awards and the creative mind behind the famous attractions in the Philippines, Lawrence “Lance” Li Tan, the CEO and President of Lakbay Museo and Tales of Illumina recently won the election and was hailed as the next President of JCI Makati for the year 2021 last September 23, 2020.

Lawrence "Lance" Li Tan, next President of JCI Makati for the year 2021

JCI Makati is a non-profit and non-government organization that put ideals into action. Last year they held a week-long project, which was the PINC (Positive Impact of Nation’s Change) Week that comprised of 19 projects to raise awareness on Gender Equality, Financial Literacy, HIV/Aids & Substance Abuse Prevention, Mental Health Awareness, Donations of food, books, plants and different livelihood seminars and Go Green. These projects were chaired by Lawrence Li Tan, where he was just an Executive Vice President of the said organization.

As his new position puts him in the forefront of JCI Makati, one of his aspirations is to establish more advocacies not just within the Makati area but in the whole of the Philippines. As he is equipped with previous experiences and even has a broad outlook in life, Lance wants JCI Makati to initiate, uplift, and touch as many lives as possible.

Lance is a successful millennial businessman and tagged as the Museum Prince in the country, with his ability to transform his wit and creativity into reality from being the youngest Group COO in the country to making the most instagramable museums and attractions in the country that went viral globally online. He said that, “I want to give back to my community. As a kid, I always wanted to help other people the best way I can and ever since this pandemic, I want to be able to reach out to people with different perspective to understand them and to know how I can help them survive by giving them opportunities to improve their quality of life”.

Three years back, when he first joined JCI Makati, he realized that this can be his avenue to be able to do his life’s purpose of helping people added with the fact that he will be with his fellow org members in doing so. Indeed, there is so much to look forward to from JCI Makati this 2021, with or without pandemic.

If you want to be part of the JCI Makati, please email them at

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