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I Love You LC! Movie Review

Updated: Feb 25, 2019

I Love You LC! Movie is a story about an obese girl named Patty Sandoval who had found inspiration to be fit because of her ultimate crush towards LC (Lloyd Corpuz). She seek help from the LCIF (Low Carbs and Intermittent Fasting) Group. Patty started following the LCIF Coaches and its program in loosing weight, she cuts down her carbs daily intake. With her consistent perseverance in loosing weight Patty finally achieved her dream sexy body in just a few months.

Watching I Love You LC! awaken me to be more health conscious this time. As we become an adult we need to check already what we eat because our metabolism slows down as we age. Be open to new healthy diet and involve yourself to an organization which promotes health and wellness. From the movie I want to search and know more about the LCIF movement.

I recommend this movie to all ages. For all the people who are desperate in losing weight there is still hope by watching this movie. Whether you were health conscious or not this movie is worth watching for your self awareness.

Please support I Love You LC! Movie this coming February 27, 2019 in all cinemas nationwide. See you all there!

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