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Humanility Launches Unique NFT Collection under Likha NFT Platform

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Metro Manila, Philippines – June 1, 2022 – Humanility, a non-profit organization who is dedicated to the rescue, emancipation and rehabilitation of foster children under their care – has launched an incredible Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art collection: the Humanility Empowered Children - From Street to School – Art Collection. It is a series of unique art made by the children under Humanility and it is one of a kind in the world to date.

Launched in Likha, an NFT marketplace that features a growing number of Filipino artist and brands – with their distinct identities and signatures all curated exclusively under Likha. The Humanility Empowered Children are among the latest and youngest home-grown Filipino artists to make their mark in the NFT Art industry.

Humanility’s From Street to School Art Collection by the Empowered Children of Humanility has a total of 76 unique NFT items in its launch. The goal of the collection is to showcase the young artists and with NFT technology’s that recognizes the digital signature of artists within each art piece by their respective creator, the Empowered Children of Humanility are making their indelible mark in the new frontier of the global digital art industry.

“The Humanility NFT art collection is ground-breaking as far as the digital arts scene of the Philippines,” said Gail Cruz-Macapagal, Humanility’s Country Representative for the Philippines. “These children are young, full of hope and serves as an inspiration as they all have overcome a lot of challenges.”

The collection, all of which are hand-drawn and with each set piece --- expresses the hopes, dreams and aspiration of each children – all encapsulated into NFT format. “By purchasing a part of the collection, NFT collectors are not only empowering the children of Humanility – but are also becoming a part of the children’s journey into their future careers – whether it is art, the sciences or technology – we all can become a meaningful part of their journey.”

For NFT collectors, Humanility Empowered Children - From Street to School – Art Collection is now available in Likha website With each NFT art purchase, new owners are helping Humanility’s Education Fundraising efforts.


About Humanility

Humanility is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of street children who were once abandoned and exploited. The organization places a warm, caring and foster home and environment for the holistic development and upbringing of the foster children under their care.

Follow Humanility on their Official Social Media Accounts:

Twitter: @humanility_org

Instagram: @humanility




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