Homewoods Creation: One of the leading custom furniture manufacturers in the Philippines

As the Pandemic arose, many were affected, especially local businesses. Many also took the opportunity to form a new venture during the hard times. Different fields, markets, strategies, and techniques on growing and continuing their businesses even during the crisis. And one of those is Homewoods Creation— a local brand that continues its purpose in the field, and that is to provide the market with its services.

Homewoods Creation is one of the sought-after Interior design and furniture companies in the Philippines. Its authenticity when it comes to custom-made products brought them to have a better relationship with its clients. The company values every detail of each customer’s needs. Providing high-quality pieces to some known establishments and homes is their expertise. In that way, the company continuously launches a fit-out consultation for its client for FREE.

The company produced uncomparable designs based on the customers' preference for any fit-out projects or end-user. Regardless of the size, be it a small or big furniture structure for a wide or narrow space, homewoods will make their imaginations into luminous creations. The company's goal is to be part of every Home's stories—the team believes that every aspect of each Home has a beautiful story to tell.

Our first story to tell is the Loft Bed with a study area. Just a few steps going up, you'll find a comfy bed built out of solid wood materials. It is a space-saving style as it gives two functions in one area—a clean finish color combination for every minimalist type of person.

Made out of natural elements is the story of this custom couch. Added an inviting color scheme to make it look more comfortable.

Also from a fit-out project are these modular cabinets, working desk plus tiling works. The excellent construction says it all.