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Francorp franchisees top bill this year's Franchise Asia Philippines 2022

Last October 14-16, 2022, the Franchise Asia Philippines 2022, the biggest franchise show in Asia was held at the SMX Mall of Asia Convention Center. With the theme, "Live.Love.Franchise," where the local franchise industry practitioners showcase a wide variety of investment opportunities that aims to help spur a new breed of entrepreneurs. If more people have businesses in the Philippines, this will help generate more jobs in our country.

Francorp Philippines led the charge in this year’s expo. They brought their top franchisees to the expo so they could present their proven business concepts and share industry best practices with all the attendees.

“Our participation at the expo is our way of exposing some of the best franchise brands and concepts we have developed through the years. We want more people to know how these brands maneuvered their businesses during the pandemic and through the new normal,” said Sam Christopher Lim, CFE, chief executive officer of Francorp Philippines.

“With continuing support from the company, we believe that these brands and concepts will consistently produce groundbreaking results while continuing to make waves in what we’d like to believe is the Golden Age in Franchising,’ he adds. “And those who need assistance in putting up a business franchise, they can always come to us. After all, it has always been our firm belief that behind a successful franchisee is an equally successful franchisor.”

The Golden Age of Franchising

Francorp believes that this year also marks the golden age of franchising, as the current situation presents franchisors with a great opportunity to succeed in the “new normal.” According to DTI, the Philippines currently ranks high in terms of market size, IP protection, ease of entry, long-term investment risks, and even in the projected COVID-19 recovery.

As further proof, the company will also be parading an A-list of enterprises that had successful launches, pivots, and growth during the global pandemic. These are franchisors who took a leap of faith to start their business and launch their respective franchises in spite of the uncertainty at that time.

The list of Francorp Clients:

Successful Launches, Pivots, and Growth in the Pandemic

  • Bang Bang Special Crispy Bangus

  • Mrs. Fried Rice

  • La Parilada

  • Pepa Wings

  • Cooler’s Delight

  • Lemon Co

  • The Good Meat

  • Grainsmart

  • Illo’s Home

  • Firehouse Pizza

Women-led Enterprises

  • Avocadoria

  • Milky Cakes and Sweets

  • Pizza Stack

  • The Hungry Pita

  • Bad Dog

  • Mad Café

  • Bigasan Plus

  • Easy Day

  • Eggluck

  • Healthscreen Diagnostic

Young Entrepreneurs

  • Mama Lou’s

  • Powerhouse Tools

First of its kind

  • RAD Tattoo Studio

  • Nspire

  • Funhan Mart

Francorp franchise clients currently account for a majority of the total franchises in the Philippine market. They work nationwide with as many as 10,000 entrepreneurs a year through franchise seminars, events, media, and other marketing activities. These clients, who value the company's expertise and experience, have helped make Francorp the industry leader that it is today.

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