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F Crafted Tea Opens Your Tastebuds to the Wonderful World of Premium Tea Blends

It has been two years since Jane Fernando flew to Hong Kong to attend a tea exhibit. In search for premium loose tea leaves to import back to Manila, she chanced upon a serendipitous meeting with a tea sommelier who introduced her to a different level of high-end tea experience.

With so many milk tea brands sprouting left and right in the Philippines and all over the world, Jane realized that not all milk teas are created equal. Manila (and the whole country) deserves to know what they are missing out, so she took that big leap of providing artisanal tea beverages with high-end loose tea leaves at affordable prices to the mainstream market. This is how F Crafted Tea was born.

Ms. Jane Fernando (right) with husband (right), Owner of F Crafted Tea

All about teas

“F Crafted Tea offers bespoke tea drinks at reasonable prices without compromising taste. We offer world-class high-quality premium loose tea leaves sourced from around the world,” explains Fernando. While most tea shops offer just black and green teas, F Crafted Tea adds more to its menu with over 20 tea sources across the globe ranging from green, white, black, and herbal teas.

Four tea types dominate the F Crafted Tea menu listing which includes French Rose black tea, Highland Oolong tea, Jasmine Green tea, and one of the rarest tea variants, Jasmine White tea. “We also offer other tea variants like Butterfly Pea, Rooibos, Thai black, and Canada Mixed Berries fruit tea. It’s one of our premium artisanal tea variants from the Northern woods of Canada. It is a blend of mouthwatering and refreshing mixed fruits like Hibiscus, apple pieces, rosehips, elderberries, orange peels, strawberry, raspberry, cornflowers, and marigold flowers with lush natural flavors that produce a beautiful ruby red brew. We also have another tea variant from Canada, the Lattea Latte. It’s a kind of perk-me-up drink with less caffeine but with the same amount of antioxidants. It contains black tea, broken cocoa bits, almond brittle bits, coffee beans and freeze-dried yogurt pieces,” adds Fernando about their extensive list of tea drinks.

Extra Extras

A ton of options await your very own bespoke drink with customized choices of sweetness and ice level, mix of fresh fruits, boba pearls, latte, or a sea salt milk cap for a decadent finish to your cup of tea, be it served hot or cold. “In addition to our wide range of artisanal tea, we also offer the delectable Hong Kong Bubble Waffle which we guarantee to be a surefire hit,” adds Fernando.

Their tea baristas handcraft each artisanal brew for a bespoke experience, tailoring every cup to the customer’s preferences. Fernando reveals, “To finish it off with a special touch, we use a cocktail technique to shake each tea to accentuate the delightful floral aroma and create a lighter, frothier taste.”

Gift boxes of premium loose tea leaves are also available in the shop for guests to purchase and bring home. It’s the perfect holiday gift that everyone will appreciate.

Relax and Unwind

Sipping tea will calm anyone down, and that’s what F Crafted Tea wants every customer to experience. Everyone loves going to the sea, and F Crafted Tea dreams of transporting their guests to a warm tropical island. its interiors imbibe this pleasant memory. Inspired by the cool breeze, fine sand, soft waves, and the golden sunset, the place is designed with luxury and comfort in mind. Its design is an elegant mix of wood and metal with colored walls that are reminiscent of a warm soothing sunset.

Fernando also made sure that hanging out at F Crafted Tea will be a memorable experience, and most probably, your second home, “We would like to offer a place where people can indulge with premium teas and healthy snacks while relaxing with family and friends.” A haven for generations to bond over a cup of tea, F Crafted Tea’s healthy artisanal tea beverages will be the top choice for world-class premium drinks.

*F Crafted Tea is a local artisan tea shop with brand partner based from Hong Kong under Jrink and Tea Express Bar by JRINK that promotes premium high quality loose leaf teas curated from different parts of the world like Canada, Thailand, South Africa and China. It's the new brewing place for tea lovers and adventurous drink explorers looking for artisanal tea with a wide variety of options to choose from.

F Crafted Tea

Facebook: Fcraftedtea

Instagram: @fcraftedtea

Location: Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Paranaque

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