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Experience the Future at WOCEE and WOSAS 2023!

Get ready to witness the grandest comeback of the ultimate convergence of innovation and

safety as the much-awaited World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) and World of

Security and Safety Exposition (WOSAS) returns this August 9-12, 2023 at the SMX Convention

Center Manila.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of cutting-edge technology, mind -blowing gadgets, and

state-of-the-art security solutions! These two events are not just about exploring the latest

innovations – this is also a prime platform for forging valuable business connections from our

local and international exhibitors. Engage in targeted networking sessions in our BUSINESS

MATCHING section and discover potential partnerships, investments, and collaborations from

global brands.

This year, the pulsating heart of WOCEE and WOSAS is beating with the unyielding pursuit to

discovery. Witness firsthand the technological advancements that will redefine the way we live

and protect our communities - from Interactive displays to live demos, THE CIRCUIT will let you

immerse into the world of never-before-seen innovations of VR’s, Metaverse and AI.

Brace yourselves to be enlightened by the brightest minds in the industry during the TECH

TALKS and SECUCON! Gain profound knowledge about the emerging trends, best practices,

and strategies that will empower you to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving world.

The World of Consumer Electronics Expo (WOCEE) and the World of Security and Safety Expo

(WOSAS), which are the most prominent global events in the technology and security

industries, are joining forces BIGGER and BOLDER once again to provide an unparalleled

experience to everyone. The WOCEE and WOSAS promise an unforgettable experience not

just for tech enthusiasts and security professionals but to every curious mind!

Secure the dates August 9-12, 2023, and join us at the SMX Convention Center. Registration is

on-going so sign-up NOW for FREE! This event is organized by Worldbex Services International

- the leading event organizers in the country today.

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