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Empowering Women in Subic: Connected Women Subic Hosts An Innovative MeetupExperience

Exciting news for the women of Subic!

Get ready for the first Connected Women Meetup of 2023, happening simultaneously in different

municipalities across Zambales and beyond. The Connected Women Subic Meetup will be

hosted by Jen Cajucom and co-hosted by yours truly, Mitch Carvalho and Lynn Singian. It will

be held on February 15, 6pm at Kairos House of Blends, located on the ground floor of the Balai

Subik building along National Highway, Mangan-Vaca, Subic.

And that's not all. Other municipalities in Zambales will also be holding their own meetups, with Myra Concepcion hosting Connected Women Castillejos, Melissa Moscoso for Connected

Women San Felipe and April Mora for Connected Women Olongapo. This will be in conjunction

with Connected Women's community-led meetups held all over the Philippines and in other


Since 2018, Connected Women meetups in Zambales have been hosted by Jen Cajucom and

held as a single meetup for the whole province every 6-weeks. This time around, and as part of

Connected Women's advocacy, we're bringing the meetups closer to the women of Zambales by having hosts for CW San Felipe, Castillejos, Subic, and Olongapo.

The Connected Women Subic meetup will be a little different from the others. The Connected

Women Subic team believes that by really understanding the attendees on a deeper level and

by knowing their goals, they can tailor future meetups to meet those needs. So, whether

attendees are looking to boost their self-confidence, learn basic digital marketing skills for their

businesses, or anything in between, Connected Women Subic will make sure that their journey

will be a fruitful and meaningful one.

Join Connected Women Subic for a fun and insightful meetup, where attendees can connect

with like-minded women, share their experiences and stories, and learn from one another.

This is an excellent opportunity for women in Zambales and beyond to come together and support each other in achieving their personal and professional goals. Don't miss out on this empowering experience!

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