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DOST - PTRI TELA Stakeholders' Conference 2021

Last January 27-28, 2021 DOST-PTRI celebrated “Philippine Tropical Fabrics (PTF) Month”, an institutionalized event by Proclamation No. 313 issued in 2012 declared January of every year as PTF month. This year’s theme of “Fashioning Philippine Textiles in the Now Normal and in the Year of the Creative Economy”. We were still in Pandemic but the event successfully happened thru virtually and for a very limited few, physically at the PTRI Gallery and Design and Innovation Hub, on the 2nd Floor of the PTRI Main Building.

January 27, 2021 The TELA CONFERENCE 2021 with the theme "Fashioning Philippine Textiles Towards a Sustainable Creative Economy", it seeks to highlight the perspectives and expertise on three different yet interrelated dusters about textile industry resiliency, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Anchored on the United Nations declaration of 2021 as the International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development, this year’s event centers on the Philippine creative industry and its role in promoting sustained and inclusive economic growth as the country rises to the challenges of the now normal.

The Institute highlights the role of Philippine textiles and the Filipino textile makers’ artistic ingenuity, particularly in the sub-sectors of handicrafts, fashion, and furniture and interior design.

“I would like to call for stronger partnerships and collaboration among government institutions that we may channel our energies towards common goals, much like our experience with the RYPIC in Iloilo. I extend this call to the private sector – if R&D must contribute to the growth and improvement of textiles, of productivity, and in the development, if not discovery, of material innovations, industry, and the private sector, will have to come forward and help steer forthcoming R&D’s", a message from Hon. Fortunato Dela Pena, DOST Secretary during 2021 Textile Stakeholders Conference.

NOTABLE QUOTES from our TELA Conference SPEAKERS. Here are some of their most notable remarks about their respective topics. This highlight and the summary were shared to us by DOST-PTRI's Chief of Research and Development Division Dr. Julius L. Leaño Jr., during the synthesis of the conference.

January 28, 2021 The TELA GALLERY, TEXTILE DESIGN AND INNOVATION HUB LAUNCH AND RE-LAUNCH OF THE PHILIPPINE TEXTILE E-PORTAL. The “Tela Gallery, Textile Design and Innovation Hub” is the place-to-be for all those who need a space to work and collaborate while taking advantage using the DOST-PTRI’s facilities and expertise, enabling them to innovate and develop Philippine Textile products.

The Philippine Textile e-Portal is a platform to be launched to connect the people with the handloom weaving and natural dyeing communities. The e-portal was developed to the GREAT Women Project 2, funded by the Government of Canada.


The WINNERS of the DIGITAL POSTER MAKING CONTEST were announced on the last day. The DOST-PTRI would like to congratulate the TOP 3 winners of each category for successfully highlighting and showcasing the value of the Philippine Textiles in the Now Normal and in the Year of the Creative Economy using their winning digital artworks. For the winners, you will receive an email to provide you the details on how to claim your prizes.

Board of Judges

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