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DOST champions sustainable techs for the 2023 NSTW in Iloilo City

Sustainable technologies supported by the Department of Science and Technology

Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technologies Research and

Development or DOST PCIEERD are to be showcased during the 2023 National,

Science, Technology, and Innovation Week (NSTW) celebration in Iloilo City from

November 22 to 26, 2023.

The DOST PCIEERD champions techs such as the Electric Tricycle (e-Trike),

Converted Electric Tricycle (c-Trike), Flexible Electric Vehicle, LPG Public Utility

Vehicles (PUVs) Using an OEM Vehicle Platform, and Vehicle-to-Everything Initiatives

for Road Safety (VIROS) at the 2023 NSTW Main S&T Exhibits in Iloilo Convention

Center and the SESSY Boat at the Lawud S&T Exhibits in JBL Maritime Vanguard.

These locally developed technologies are groundbreaking initiatives for a cleaner and

more economical mode of transportation, as well as to enhance road safety and

efficiency in the country.

The e-vehicle technologies are good alternatives to the traditional gasoline-powered

jeepneys and tricycles. It could significantly reduce noise and air pollution and could

potentially lower its operation and maintenance costs. The LPG PUV, on the other hand,

promotes the use of cleaner alternative fuels and reduces tailpipe emissions,

contributing to a more sustainable public transportation system that is environment


Additionally, VIROS equips emergency response vehicles with on-board units that

establish seamless communication with road traffic infrastructure, including traffic lights.

This intelligent network prioritizes the lane of approaching emergency vehicles, ensuring

a clear, safe and quick passage.

Lastly, the Safe, Efficient, and Sustainable Solar-Assisted Plug-In Electric Boat, or

Sessy E-Boat, is equipped with two electric motorboats with solar panels, one using

lead-acid batteries and the other using lithium-ion batteries. It features a locally

developed automatic identification system (AIS) for safety and explores the

development of controllers for autonomous electric boats.

Join the 2023 NSTW celebration and see the actual technologies on display in Iloilo City

and participate is selected forums broadcast through Facebook or Youtube! To know

more about the 2023 NSTW and the interesting exhibit setups, download the mobile

iOS users. You can also follow the NSTW Official Facebook page at


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