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Captivate Digital Stamp Loyalty and Rewards

Pasig City, December 12, 2019 –SMS Global Technologies , Inc. (the country’s leader in system integration and provider of innovative solutions for wireless and wire-line technology) and its partner Encaptiv8 launches Captivate Digital Stamp and Loyalty and Rewards Platform in the Philippines.

Filipino consumers are known for their love of discounts, rewards and freebies. They enjoy being spoiled and treated as special. A good product combined with great customer service might make them come back, but offering them more that will surely make them regular customers. Customer relation is very important for any business to succeed. This is why a good loyalty and rewards platform for any type of business is a must.

A survey that was conducted found that an average consumer is a part of at least 10 to 15 different loyalty programs. Rather than carry all those cards in your wallet or purse, imagine just having them all in your phone.

Through the merging of the old-school stamp with the wonders of digital technology, Captivate Digital Stamp gives businesses a fast, simple and yet powerful loyalty and rewards tool and customers a fun and novel experience.

Captivate Digital Stamp works on any smart phone, offering the convenience of not worrying of not having to carry around many cards.

The Captivate platform is web-based and does not require any mobile app installation, making the platform very practical and affordable, even for SMEs. No more of that expensive and time consuming app development for merchants.

Captivate Digital Stamp and platform also prides itself for being the “greener” choice as it does away with plastic and paper cards that eventually find themselves in the trash. Along with that, the Captivate Digital Stamp doesn’t require batteries.

As Harold Martinez, CEO of Encaptiv8, said, “We have inked partnership with leading salons, fast food restaurants, café, skin care clinics and big retail outlets who will very soon launch their very own loyalty and rewards program using the Captivate Digital Stamp and platform. The opening of the new decade, 2020 will be the year that customers will get rewarded by having their phone stamped!”

To know more about Captivate Digital Stamp, you can visit or their official Facebook page you can also send them at email at info at

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