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Bloggers find a new online home at muniTALKS

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

The newest daily online tambayan for millenials is here!

muniTALKS gives today's generation a venue for sharing ideas and exchanging insights. Its name is derived from the Fiipino term "muni-muni" which means to wonder, to daydream, and to think about, while the word "TALKS" signifies the "talk of the town." And at the website's launch the titled #WalkYourTalkWithmuniTALKS at Green Sun Hotel in Makati City, bloggers, student writers, and social media influencers have found an online platform where they can read and write about today's hottest issues.

One of the event's highlights is the game called "Walk the muniStations." Here the guests are divided into teams, and each team goes to different stations that embody what muniTALKS is all about. Station 1: #muniREPORT lets the team be Mel Tiangco or Julius Babao for a day by letting them simulate a live news reporting. At Station 2: #muniOPINION, the team picks an issue, discusses it and forms a stand, and builds a symbol for their opinion using the blocks provided.

Meanwhile, at Station 3: #muniTRAVEL, the teams come up with catchy but smart slogans to promote Philippine tourism. And at Station 4: #muniHEADLINE, teams play journalists and make headlines for different issues.

The launch also aims to scout for witty, creative, and powerful storytellers who can contribute to muniTALKS. They will be called muniCorrespondents who will share their unique stories in muniTALKS. They can write about topics that are close to their hearts, may these be the latest fashion trends, newest hangouts in the city, or insights about issues they feel strongly about. Future muniCorrespondents have even pledged to use their talents in spreading informationand awareness about what's happening in their community and in the country.

Indeed, muniTALKS as an online tambayan lets millenials speak and make their voices heard.

Are you ready to become a muniCorrespondent? Visit and like Facebook page at for more information.

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