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Aqua-Agriculture Industry: The Industry that Continues to Grow the Filipino Livelihood

With Philippines as an island with land mass perfect for the agriculture industry, it is not

surprising that it has played a huge role in aquaculture and agricultural production in the world.

Philippines has previously ranked as 10th and 11th in capture fisheries and aquaculture

respectively. The country is also a huge exporter of agricultural product, accounting to an

average contribution of 20 percent in Philippines’ GDP

With a favorable climate and vast lands and coastal areas, it is no surprise that 40% of Filipino

workers are part of the agriculture sector while the fisheries sector accounts for about 5% of the

labor force in the country.

Government initiatives along with the help of private sectors have been a big part of improving

the local industries especially in supporting the livelihood to continue the efforts to improve and

reinvigorate the industries.

Dept. Undersec. Panganiban mentions “With the current issues of food insecurity in the country, fostering innovative and sustainable urban farming methods with the help of private sectors is a solution to improve food accessibility. The private sector serves as the extending arms of the DA in reaching new heights for the implementation of the program through sustainable and environment-friendly innovations.”

Initiative such as financial assistance, technical training, and infrastructure development for

aquaculture farmers have been supported by the government as part of the efforts to improve

the industry. Expositions such as MAFBEX also help in supporting the livelihood of farmers and

fishermen in the country as it highlights the local and regional products.

This year, the Department of Agriculture, DTI MIMAROPA, and BFAR will be participating in

MAFBEX to showcase local and regional products from different regions of the Philippines. As

parts of the effort to improve local livelihood and businesses, local goods are in the limelight at

the BFAR pavilion, Department of Agriculture pavilion, and the DTI MIMAROPA pavilion.

Some of the local products you can get at MAFBEX from these pavilions, such as fresh and

organic produce, organic sauces and condiments, organic snacks, and more!

Explore new flavors and find new local favorites at MAFBEX this year on June 14 to 18 at the

World Trade Center Metro Manila!

You can register here at

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