Alkarock is the most affordable way to have alkaline water

Updated: Aug 12

Do you know that the human body is made up of over 70% percent water. Water is essential for the kidneys and other bodily functions. But you need to drink alkaline water to make sure that it neutralizes our acid in the body due to acidic foods or drinks we eat and stress.

Good thing Alkarock by Gift of Nature now readily available for public consumption. Alkarock is made of natural rocks, the safest way to alkalize water since it does not use a machine for worry-free and enjoy your Alkarock Alkaline Water anytime anywhere you wanted it. Very portable and convenient to use. Just put it in your tumbler or pitcher and wait for three (3) hours to make alkaline water.

Alkarock is also the most affordable way to have alkaline water. Its price per pouch is Php1,000 Only! Good for 3 years use.

Benefits of using Alkaline Water:

  1. Remove toxin in our body.

  2. Hydrate your body

  3. Acts as antioxidant

  4. Alkalize our body's acidity

  5. Enhance your immune system

Other Benefits: